Sunday, January 18, 2009

Starbucks at Half Price?

I read an old post this morning about Starbucks customers ordering cheap espresso drinks and then adding dairy at the condiment bar to make what would normally be a more expensive drink. Sometimes the drink is half the price it would have been if ordered off the menu. This made me stop to think for a moment. I'm against stealing. Is this stealing though? If I walked into Starbucks with a cup and poured some milk from the condiment bar into it, that'd be wrong. If I ordered a coffee and added a little milk and sugar, that'd be ok. So where is the line? Let's take this a little further. If I order an Americano without water, they serve it to me and I drink it straight, everything is ok. If I go add a little milk to it, it's ok. So when does a little milk become a lot of milk and turn the drink into a latte?

I'm not trying to justify something sneaky. I've never done this myself, and I probably won't simply because when I go to Starbucks I'm not looking to make it on my own. I can (mostly) do that at home.

I'm genuinely curious about this situation.

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