Friday, January 23, 2009

Some people can put a price on divorce

While browsing through some old headlines, I came across an article discussing how divorce is getting rougher as real estate prices drop. One of the quotes in the article just floored me:

Dee Dee Tomasko, a nursing student and mother in suburban Cleveland, expected to leave her marriage with about $200,000 in starter money, primarily from the marital home, which was appraised at about $1 million in 2006. By the time of her divorce last year, however, the house was appraised at $800,000; her share of the equity came to about $105,000.

Though she is relieved to be out of the marriage, if she had known how little money she would get, Tomasko said, "I might have stuck with it a little more, I don't know. Maybe it would've made me think a little harder."

What?! I can't relate to the feelings about divorce in the first place, but how could someone be motivated (or demotivated) by anything to do with how much money they get once it's over? It just doesn't add up in my head. Is marriage (and the dissolution of it) just a business deal now?

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Unknown said...

wow, that is awful! I can't believe someone actually had the nerve to say that in an interview. It seems like everyone is just becoming more materialistic and more about money,they don't care about love and honor anymore. That just sickens me.