Thursday, December 18, 2008

Netflix Instant on Tivo

We really like Netflix Instant, which is a service we get for "free" with our Netflix account that lets us watch unlimited shows and movies online over the Internet. You're supposed to watch at a computer, but we just hook a laptop up to the TV and go for it. We've watched a few TV series (not episodes, whole series) using it and have really enjoyed it. Well, when I caught news of the upcoming feature to watch Netflix Instant on TiVo, I was pumped. I was so excited that I went to great lengths to get our TiVo wired into our home network, something that hasn't been hooked up for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, it all added up to great disappointment.

See, in order to actually use the feature you have to have a newer TiVo, like a Series 3 or a TiVo HD. We have a Series 2. It's almost 5 years old! At first I was upset, thinking that they were doing this to force us to upgrade. After all, it's a standard tech marketing trick to keep the simple-but-tempting features on only the newest version of the great gadgets so that all the geeks want to upgrade. In reality though, I found out that there was a good reason so I calmed down pretty quick. The older TiVos actually don't have the right kind of hardware to support the kind of video that Netflix uses. Bummer.

I'm seriously thinking about getting a new TiVo, even if they are in trouble.

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