Saturday, December 06, 2008

God Told the Kolbs to Build an Ark

We went over to Casey's parents house for dinner, and when we returned Casey reported that there was water all over our bathroom floor. At first I thought the girls had spilled something before we left, but it was too much water. Maybe the sink is leaking. Nope, the cabinets are dry underneath the sinks. Where's the water coming from? Oh, it's coming from an overflowing toilet in the half bath... on the other side of the wall! Wow, the carpet is wet right here. And here... and here... here.

So I had to slice across our carpet (!!) with a utility knife right at the entry to our bedroom and peel about 1/3 of it back so that it can dry. The water got soaked up by the pad, so it's propped up to dry as well. The water seriously soaked the carpet 4 feet into our bedroom, all across the wall leading into our bathroom. I had to pull off the baseboards and the bottom of the cabinet so that I could check for standing water, but fortunately there was none and the water didn't get any of our sheetrock. If the carpet and pad turns out to be ok I'll have to stretch it so that I can get it tacked back down correctly. I tell you, those stinking little metal strips that are used to tack carpet down when bordering linoleum or tile are a pain in the butt to work with.

Time to sleep.

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