Thursday, November 27, 2008

Appreciation for My Wife

Sometimes Casey jokes about what my life would be like if we hadn't met. Usually one of the things she mentions is that I'd have tons of money. No one can predict what would have transpired had Casey and I not met, but I don't see anything good about that scenario. A few things my wife has given me every day since we met: love, attention, someone to talk to any time I want, someone to never be lonely with and knowledge that I am needed. I don't have to deal with boredom, I don't have to go through anything rough on my own and I don't have to take care of myself when I'm sick. I have someone with me every day who can make me smile.

I'm not concerned with any hypothetical money I might have had.

1 Lonely Comment:

Unknown said...

aww, that was teh sweetest post ever! I loveyou honey and i am so thankful for you!