Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alyson's First Hospital Stay, Part 1

Two weeks ago, Emma got a bad cold. It started rippling through the family, one member after another. My mom was in town at the time, and when she came down with it she said it was horrible. Last Monday, Alyson developed a cough. Since she had to go in for her one month checkup on Tuesday, we asked the pediatrician about it while we were in. He said that she had a bit of a cold, but her lungs were clear so we should just keep an eye on it. Starting early Thursday morning, Alyson started vomiting. She could hardly hold anything down. That night, she started refusing to suck on the bottle and the little bits of formula we could get her to swallow were quickly sent back up. First thing Friday morning, I took her back to the pediatrician. I could tell from the moment I walked in to the room that something was wrong from the look on the nurses face. Each question she asked me seem to have a bad answer and made things look even worse. They checked her out and found that she was hypothermic, had low oxygen saturation and there was definitely something going on in her lungs. We were sent to the ER for a workup.

At the ER they drew blood, put her on oxygen, did a lumbar puncture (otherwise known as a spinal tap), did an x-ray and started antibiotics. As it turns out, she had pneumonia, exhibited some apnea and was very dehydrated. She was admitted to the hospital and began respiratory therapy.

To be continued...

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