Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Great Catch Up

Casey has blogged most of this already, but it just seems wrong to have such a giant gap and then randomly start blogging again with no warning.

  • Our new car's gas mileage is so much better than our last one that we're saving quite a bit of money on a monthly basis as a result. I'm thrilled of course!
  • Arkansas was great and we have already put down a deposit to go back next year.
  • Despite some drama and personnel upheaval on my team at work, three major projects have wrapped up in the last 7 weeks and all have been big successes due to the help of a close friend/co-worker. One of those projects was to move the office to a brand new building which has shaved 10 minutes each way off of my commute!
  • My mom came to help out for 11 days last month and it was a really great visit. The girls are still talking about it and Casey and I got a great break due to all the help.
  • One of the drains in our kitchen sink broke and after hours of trying to get it off (to replace it) using brute force and chemicals we finally broke down and bought a whole new sink. Best part is that I actually got it installed myself and all of the plumbing has worked great.
  • According to a child psychologist that we've been taking Madison to, it seems she does not have anything on the autism spectrum. Instead, it's likely a strong case of Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, which has to be handled very differently on our side -- so we're relearning our habits quite a bit.
  • I'm feeling uncomfortable about the heap of unprocessed photos I've taken over the last several weeks and am anxious to get them online but may not have the time soon.
  • Madison started school and is reportedly the best mannered child in the class. When she asked repeatedly to ride the bus we were nervous about the idea, but she really loves it.
  • We're in the home stretch of pregnancy with baby #4 but aren't yet sure what name we like best. It's been a rocky, painful and uncomfortable journey for Casey, but at the moment we're coasting along ok.
  • I'm sick today with a stomach bug, and while snoozing this morning we got a call from Madison's school saying that she was really sick and needed to be picked up. She's home and everybody seems to be hanging in there. Hopefully this one doesn't hit the whole family.

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