Friday, February 29, 2008

Reduced Sugar

Today I saw a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that said "75% less sugar". I was intrigued. I'm not big on sweet in most cases (although there are some notable exceptions that I'll plead the fifth on), so I thought, "Cool, maybe this is something for me... still no nutritional value, but it doesn't taste like you're eating teaspoons of sugar." The label said 2g of sugar. Excellent. Wait a minute, why does this sell?

Reading through the ingredients, I discovered the secret: sucralose. Splenda. Oh, how I can't stand it. First, it doesn't taste like sugar. It's sweet, but not sugar. So not only are my tastebuds still blasted with sweetness, but the whole time I'm reminded of how it's actually some chemical made in a lab. Honestly, I'm not an organic nut. I eat what I want, and I just try to limit my "wants". However, there's something about the synthetic stuff that bugs the crud out of me. Hydrogenated oil too. Margarine is my enemy. Who wants to eat plastic? You can leave a tub of margarine out and not even the bugs will get it... they know better.

Anyway, sucralose is not for me. I just don't trust it... and if I really want something sweet, I'll go for something with good ole real sugar.

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