Thursday, November 15, 2007

Car Trouble

I left the office today about 10 minutes late to meet Casey (as usual). Walked down the stairs, into the parking lot and sat down in my car. Tried to turn the key -- it wouldn't budge. Jiggled the steering wheel, nothing. Pushed on the shifter, jiggled the steering wheel, held my foot on the brake, gently placed the key in the ignition and turned ever so softly... nothing.

Casey picked me up, I took her to work and after 4 hours we were on our way "home" after dropping the car off (via tow truck) at the dealership to have most of the ignition tumbler replaced. Ok, great... so I can drive 45 minutes home, unload the kids and then leave at 9:00 to go pick up Casey from work. That gives us... 30 minutes at home. I decided to just drive around. Actually, we stopped at Walgreen's so that E and I could go to the bathroom and then M and K could have a diaper change. After that, M decided it'd be a hoot to run as fast as she could from aisle to aisle with me barely catching a glimpse of her now and then while pushing the stroller as fast as the little wheels could go.

Now I'm at home, exhausted. Honestly, the evening didn't go as bad as it could have, and really I think I managed to keep a positive (and friendly) attitude during the whole thing. We'll see what my attitude is like after we get the estimate on the repairs tomorrow.

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