Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rollover Minutes

Casey and I used to use almost all of our wireless minutes each month when we were on Verizon Wireless. Sometimes, we'd even go over a little. That always hurt. In February we switched to a different carrier to a plan with a similar number of minutes -- and now we're under using our minutes. Last month we have 945 unused minutes that went into rollover. Over the last 6 months we've accumulated 4,165 rollover minutes. So many of the people we talk to regularly and have long conversations with are on our new carrier... pretty crazy how much that can save.

The disappointing thing is that there's not really much to be done about the excess. I could change our plan to one step lower, but that'd be 600 minutes a month less and we'd only save $10. Not really worth it, considering that at any time someone that we talk to a lot could jump to another carrier or we could go up in usage and we'd need our higher plan again. Oh well, this is definitely a problem I don't mind having!

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