Monday, August 06, 2007

How Has God Blessed You?

Today God blessed me by:

*Giving me another day with my beautiful girls and wonderful husband
*Allowing me to know that he died for my sins
*Providing for our needs
*Madison having a good therapy day!
*Putting into my heart what is important: God, my faith, my family, and that life isn't about materialistic things.
*Being my refuge
*E wanting only mommy to help her brush her teeth!! I felt so loved and important
*Helping me stay focus and getting all of our laundry washed, folded, and put away!!!!
*Helping me only get what was on my list at the store and not waste money on extras
*K being extra smiley today even for the therapists which she doesn't like to smile for!

I know some of these are selfish and probably stupid to others but to me they are special in their own way and I am so blessed to have God in my life!

How has God Blessed you today?


Anonymous said...

God has blessed me
*by letting me see His work in the lives of friends like you
*by reminding me that if I commmit my way to Him, he will work things out for His glory
*by letting me feel the joy of His presence

Anonymous said...

I'm totally blessed with children and a daughter-in-law and grandchildren and sunlight and peace and love and happiness and joy and, yes!!! even cherry tomatoes make me smile along with the frogs and giraffes!
Papa Joe

Unknown said...

awww!!! I am thankful to have such a great father in law!!! I feel lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, and caring father in law! You are the best!!!