Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Purpose

So today I was feeding K bananas and green beans, while doing this Emma was on the potty screaming "mommy, I went poopy come look" and Madison was asking for cheese over and over. There was chaos all around but all I could do was smile. I truly feel God placed me on this Earth to be a mother and guide them in the way of the Lord! I love being a child of God and I love being a mother! I am truly blessed to have three wonderful daughters! Things may get crazy and I may have hard days but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I hope that God will bless me with a large family someday, I love being a mommy! I may not drive a fancy car, carry a name brand purse, live in a huge house, or have all of my wants but I have everything I will ever need! I have a wonderful husband, three wonderful daughters and life is good!

I have updated some of my pictures there are new pics in the following galleries: Emma 3 years, Madison 2 years, Kaetlyn first year, Kaetlyn monthly pictures, and in the family album the sisters gallery! I hope you enjoy them!

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