Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Wanna Talk About Me...

Thank you Toby Keith for the title of my post! Wow I am going to post about me, that is something new! Of course it wont be anything spectacular but oh well. So I have sold all of my stmaping stuff and picked up a new habit! I have started making some clothes for the girls! I will have to post pics, they of course are Disney and the girls love them! I will still be scrapbooking some but not with stamps!

So I have had my IUD out for over a week and I must say I have noticed a complete change! I haven't had any headaches, I have had more energy, have been in better moods, no back pain, some other thing, and I am sleeping better. I am so glad I got that thing out of me and I don't ever think I will get one again!

So last week I noticed a big bruise on my knee, it was about the size of a half dollar. Well there is also knot or something and it really hurts. Last weekend it was hard to walk on it and now it only hurts when I walk too much and when I put it on the floor or against something. The weird thing is I don't remember hitting it on anything, you would think for it to be that bad of a bruise and to cause a knot I would remember it. I wish it would go away and feel better. Ok I am sorry I had to add the poor me part!

Life is good and it feels good to feel human again!

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