Monday, May 21, 2007

A Whole New Geek

This weekend I got the urge to get one of my old computers out and tinker. It's been a long time since I've done anything with computers at home that's not photo or work related... and even then, usually I just play a game. I haven't had a computer that I could really call mine up and running full time at home for years, and messing around with this older one (trying to figure out what parts, if any, are still usable and such) brings back old memories that are kind of like a side of me that has been dormant all this time. You might think that my job would keep that side of me going, but doing something you like for work can be enjoyable and still not evoke the same feeling you get when it's all just for fun. Part of it is that what I do at work rarely involves the nitty gritty anymore since I've been a manager for a while, but even before that I still didn't get the same thing out of work as I did in my tinkerings at home. Anybody feeling this here?


Aaron said...

My computer of 8 years passed about a month ago. Other than turning it on and hearing a click of death I haven't used a computer for 'gaming' or fun in a very long time.

Flumpus said...

Ya, that's why I got a Mac, so I wouldn't have to do crap like that. I guess the geek in me has died (good riddance!).

David said...

I hear ya man . .. there is something about working on your PC just for the heck of it!

So what are you going to do with your PC?

I am hoping to be able to score a decent vmware server running on sles if I ever get the time to tinker!

Flumpus, we will have to compare mac notes sometime. They have moved up on my list, but I still prefer linux:

1. Linux
2. NetWare
3. Mac OS X
4. BE OS
5. Sun OS
6. 8 bit nintendo
6. Windows

Aaron said...

I'm shocked that Windows tied with 8 bit Nintendo. Nintendo is so much better...I have to stress the graphics in Zelda. WOW. :-P