Sunday, April 22, 2007

Update On One of Chris's Posts!

Back on September 9, 2006 Chris posted this following post: I am now going to answer his questions! Answers are in orange!

Baby Kolb #3

So in just 18 weeks, we'll have a new baby Kolb, and we've decided to name her Kaetlyn Marie. So many things to wonder about. Will she have lots of hair when she's born?(Yes, She had a lot of hair when she was born!) Will she be a good sleeper(Yes, The best we have had so far!)? Will she have albinism?(Yes, we found out on Friday that she does indeed have albinism!) We're excited and happy to soon have another little girl in our lives.

Of course, once she's here I'll be outnumbered 4-to-1. AAAAHHH! Ahem.(Yes you are outnumbered but I don't think you would have it any other way!! You love it and you know it!)

So yes our little Miss Kaetlyn has albinism. We took her to the ophthalmologist on Friday and she did really well for him, she never even complained! Currently her nystagmus isn't as bad as Madison's was at this age but that could change at any point really. We weren't surprised by the news at all. When we got pregnant we didn't know how we should feel in regards to albinism-Do we hope she doesn't have it or do we want her to have it just so Madison has someone to relate to(not that we would really wish something hard on any of our children, this just sounds so wrong). Now I am not sure how I feel. I don't feel like we made a wrong decision in having another child, in fact I still want a lot more children. I just feel bad that now we will have two kids with "special" conditions and therapists coming out for them and Emma doesn't have those types of things. I don't ever want her to feel like she isn't special or loved because she is. She is such an amazing big sister and is very over protective of Madison and Kaetlyn. She is soo cute, she makes sure people don't offer things to Madison because it can make her sick. Ahh I just love her and all of the girls to pieces. I know Emma will be fine because the therapists do make a point to include Emma and so do Chris and I but sometimes a mother just has to worry. I have I mentioned how much I love my girls! I loooovvveee them so much and just want the best for all of them.

We are not sure what all therapy Kaetlyn will be needing. I meet with Madison's ECI coordinator on Tuesday so I will hopefully be able to set up an assessment for Kaetlyn then. I will keep everyone updated!


Kristen said...

Whether they have albinism or not, they are all special and beautiful little girls!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I agree 110% with you that they are beautiful!