Friday, April 06, 2007

Short Day

Heading home early for Good Friday, w00t!

My day started off like one that could have been very stressful. I was awoken by the phone this morning. Work emergency. Because I had to work on it for too long, Madison and I completely missed her swimming class which I had been really looking forward to. I was pretty bummed. Then, a great silver lining emerged -- I was at home with my family on the morning of Good Friday... and it's my birthday! I really like it when we all get up at about the same time in the morning and don't have to rush right out the door. It's nice to get that time together. Casey drove me to work and the entire way there Kaetlyn was cooing and talking quietly. Madison fell asleep and looked so cute and peaceful. Emma was in a good mood, and Casey and I got to just be together and enjoy it.

Now I get to go home from work early, and I got a very satisfying amount of things done inspite of my short time there. It's been an excellent day so far!

1 Lonely Comment:

Kristen said...

Well, enjoy the rest of your day, the rest of the weekdend, and have a great Easter!