Monday, April 02, 2007

Emma and our Monday

For the most part today was a really good Monday. It started off rough but overall it was just a good day. Emma's beloved hamster, Mickey, passed away sometime in the middle of the night. When I went to bed he was running in his wheel like always, but when Chris got up this morning Mickey had passed on. We have no clue what happened. Emma noticed right away this morning and was extremely sad. For the first part of the morning she was attached to me and very sad. We had to call daddy twice because she also wanted him during this time. She got better as the day went on but it was very hard to see her so sad and missing her Mickey.

We met Lisa at Target, we do that very often, and just did some basic grocery shopping. It was nothing spectacular but it was good. We always have a good time with them and the kids just love spending time together. They are just so cute together, they always hug and give kisses, what a blessing it is to have them in our lives!

Emma has been wonderful the past week or so and I honestly contribute it to removing red #40 from her diet. She listens so much better now and doesn't get hyper to the point she is misbehaving, she no longer wakes up from nap screaming her head off(oh how I hated that), plus when she gets upset over something she is so much calmer and will come and let me know what is wrong instead of crying. I know people probably think I am crazy or reading too much into it but honestly I notice a huge difference.

After naptime Emma was wearing panties, we wear panties at home and pull ups while we are out. Well she did awesome! Not one accident this afternoon or evening. This is the big thing... She went on the potty all by herself!!! She knew when she needed to go and without us telling her to go sit on the potty she went and did everything herself. We were so proud of her, we were shocked! She was pretty proud of herself too! I finally feel we are on the right path to potty training, she is starting to know when it is time to go, wooohoooo!

We had an overall good day and look forward to a good week! We have a packed week! Tuesday the girls and I will be going to Coppell for Bible Study, Wednesday Madison has therapy, Thursday Madison has therapy and we are meeting some wonderful friends for lunch, Friday Madison has swim therapy and hopefully Lisa and the kids will be free to go to the play place with us!! Friday is also Chris's Birthday!!!


Kristen said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mickey. The first lesson in death is so hard.

Yay for Emma wearing panties! I'm so proud of her!

Chris said...

Emma went pee pee in the pot-ty! Emma went pee pee in the pot-ty!

Sorry... had to share the potty chant/dance with everyone.