Sunday, April 22, 2007


So the past few days I have been reflecting on things in my life. One of the things on my mind was my friends! I don't tell them often enough or maybe I never tell them just how special they are to me. All of us have had our ups and downs in our relationships but in the end they have worked out and they all mean the world to me! I couldn't imagine my life without my wonderful circle of friends! I am truly blessed to have all of the wonderful friends I have! So to the following friends(in alphabetical order) thank you for being so wonderful and fun to be around!

I thank God each and every day for my wonderful friends. I truly am blessed to have you in my life and I am sorry if I don't always show it. Thank you God for Bonnie, Emily, Janel, Kristen, Leah, Lisa, and Rhonda.

I also want to say thank you to God for bringing new friends in my life such as Heather, Whitney, and Suzanna.

I seriously feel lucky! I have a wonderful God, wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful family, and wonderful friends! Who could ask for more?

***So if you haven't noticed by my posts I have had quite some changes recently, I hope that everyone doesn't mind and that I am not annoying because I am not trying to be just trying to get out my feelings!!!


Kristen said...

Miguel & I are glad to have you and Chris as friends as well.

Flumpus said...

I would comment on this if I was named... But as it stands now, I'm boycotting this site because of its sexist content.

Unknown said...

You hardly ever comment on our site Mr. Flumpus! My post was meant to be a nice way to thank my girlfriends, it was mushy and I didn't name guys b/c 1.)That would be weird and 2.) Guys don't like mushy