Thursday, March 22, 2007

HIndu Floaty Thingy

I couldn't think of a title for this post, so I stole it from Chris's site...

It is midnight and I am still awake :( I just can't sleep for some reason, oh well. Today we are going to the Arboretum with the Clarks. I am really looking forward to this and love all of the pretty pictures we get. Emma has all of a sudden fallen in love with the flowers the past couple of weeks so she is super excited! She is also excited that daddy is coming with us. He had to work all last weekend and she really missed him.

I also go to the allergist in the afternoon and in a way I am looking forward to that, how sad is that? For some reason I have been having a lot of reactions lately and my skin is in so much pain from scratching it raw. I am ready for relief and am thinking that I might be allergic to something new, we shall see.

Yesterday Madison was watching The Wiggles,shocker, and Dorothy was doing a ballet dance and Madison copied her and twirled for the first time. It was the cutest thing and I think she may be my dancer! Emma was super cuddly yesterday and I enjoyed holding her and cuddling a lot, she is just the greatest 3 year old I know, Mary you are a close 2nd in my book!!! Kaetlyn was a chatter bug. I think it was the most I have heard her babble, it was so cute and she was in such a good mood most of the day. We didn't do much yesterday, just went to Kohls and Target with Lisa and the kids, but it was a really good day!

Speaking of Kohls, this is for Chris Downing...I saw a high school musical birthday card that played a song when you opened it. I really wish I would have seen that card before your birthday, oh well there is always next year.

So it is almost April and I am happy because I just love spring. I love the colors of spring and the pretty flowers but I am also a little sad. I am sad because it means that MOPS will be coming to an end in not too long and so will our small church group,2:42. I have loved going to these and will miss them this summer.

God rules and I happily submit to my wonderful loving husband! No that doesn't mean I am brainwashed or less of a person, I am not a doormat. God is Awesome and I love living a Christian life!

I have recently become really good at making sure the house stays clean and organized. I now do a major cleaning on Sunday nights and then every other day I go back over everything quickly, I am now in love with swifter products because they make the every other day things go fast. I love how the house looks all nice and clean!

I spend wayyy to much money that we don't really have to spend and hopefully with God's help and Chris's I can control that. Maybe next month I will do what some friends of ours are doing and only by the necessities. I think I have been trying to keep up with the spending I see of family members, which they have it to spend and chose to spend it that way no problem with that at all. However Chris and I have chosen to have a large family and with that you don't have lots of money and you sometimes use second hand stuff and you make sacrifices. I want a large family and I think I finally realize that I don't have to keep up with everyone else. Just because people I know wear designer things doesn't mean our family has to. Hopefully my new way of thinking will help Chris and I out..

I need to get better at discipline. I feel I do a good job with time out offenses and small things but when it is something major I seem to have a hard time. I think it has to do with something from my past but not sure what. I just hate to see my kids in pain and crying. It just breaks my heart. Please help pray that I will get better at this because I know God wants me to discipline my children and I need to.

I think I might remove red dye#40 from the kids diet, for some kids they have a bad reaction to it so I want to see what it does for our kids. It can make kids hyper. I am also going to really limit the amount of junk food they have. Really they only get it on the weekends some but I do want to cut back on it. I want them to learn to eat healthy and I need to also.

While I am writing this post I am talking to Lisa online. She told me that in her high school science class they did an experiment where they looked in a microscope at ketchup and syrup and found bug parts in them----GROSSSSSSS

Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors, like I said it is midnight, I am tired but can't sleep. My brain however isn't working to its fullest and is half asleep!

Well sorry for the long random post on my various thoughts, you can wake up now ;)


Bonnie said...

I'm eager to see pictures from the arboretum!

Kristen said...

I'm glad that your walk with Christ is where you want it to be!

Lisa said...

You can ask your 242 if they are open to meeting in the summer. Some groups choose to do that. Our group discussed it this week.