Thursday, February 08, 2007


So the sickness in the Kolb house continues. Emma has had a fever on and off for two and half weeks but no other symptoms so we just have to wait it out. Kaetlyn's reflux has been bothering her and today she spent almost the entire day crying in pain and her spitting up has become worse. I had another wonderful migraine today, so hopefully this is the end. We could use a break.

Chris took Kaetlyn to the doctor this evening since she hasn't improved much and she is fine except for her reflux and we were told to switch to a hypoallergenic formula, we had to do this with Emma and Madison as well. We were hoping that this wouldn't happen because the formula is so expensive and we thought she was doing well on the regular formula but she got worse. Of course we don't mind paying more for things that make her feel better. Hopefully this will help and she will be happy and not in pain!

I have some big news on Madison but it deserves its own post so look for that in the next couple of days!!!

Please continue to pray for healing of all of our sickness.


Kristen said...

Poor babies...all of you! We'll be praying that you all get better.

Bonnie said...

Man, you guys have had it rough for a few days. Hope things look up this weekend!

Heather said...

I am sure you have already tried this, but we had good luck with both Shep and Macy on Nestle Good Start and Enfamil Gentlease. Both have the milk protein only partially broken down, so it really helped both with their reflux. They still had to take medicine for their reflux, but we could really tell a difference.