Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kaetlyn is 1 Month Old

Kaetlyn is already one month old, wow time flies. She had her check up today and did great! She is 7 lbs 3 oz and 19 1/2" long. She is our first girl gain so much weight and is actually on the charts and is in 10-25% for weight and 25-50% for length. She checked out just fine and only cried for a few seconds while she got her shot. Her rsv is getting better and he no longer hears wheezing and only has some chest congestion and fluid behind her ear. She was such a trooper!

While we were there her doctor asked how Emma and Madison were feeling and we mentioned that Madison had a fever the past couple of nights. He decided that he wanted to take a look at Madison even though we didn't have an appointment, turns out she has a pretty yucky ear infection. He is such an amazing doctor, he goes above and beyond.

On another note, my baby is no longer going to be a baby next month, my sweet Emma turns 3. I can't believe it and I am very sad about it right now.

Anyways, the girls are doing well and we are all trying to get over this yucky sickness that has seemed to taken over our house.


Kristen said...

Yay for Kaetlyn! I'm glad that she's getting better. A month already! Time flies! I hope Maddy starts feeling better soon! I think Dr. Nail is great also!

Heather said...

What a great blessing to have a good pediatrician!