Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2 Weeks Old

Today Kaetlyn is 2 whole weeks old. I can't believe how fast two weeks went by, it feels like I was pregnant with her just yesterday! Things have been going really well and so far she seems to be the easiest of all of the girls. She drinks her formula without any problems and is actually able to drink a normal milk based formula!!! The only problem is at night she likes to be held instead of sleeping in her bed, we are working on that and it is getting better! Emma and Madison are still doing great with her and really I see no signs of jealousy towards her. They both love to come and give her kisses and hold her! I am doing well too, this recovery is much easier than with Emma and Madison. The only problem that I have is I am getting headaches that turn into migraines, so that hurts.

Kaetlyn had her two week check up yesterday and it went very well. She now weighs 6lbs 1oz, 5%, and is still 19" long, 25%. She had to have her heel pricked for the PKU test and that was hard. Chris went in with her and I could hear her screaming in the waiting room, I almost broke down in tears. I can handle shots but not seeing them take blood from my child. She goes back in two weeks, so I will update then!


Kristen said...

I'm glad everything is going so well.

Bonnie said...

She's such a beautiful girl! I'm glad she's so healthy and things are going so well.