Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We've Got a Hostage Situation Here

This morning I added a new user code to the alarm at work. Pretty standard, really. It was time for a meeting, so I sat down in the conference room and we started. A few minutes later, the police burst through the door, hands on their guns, moving around defensively as if they were in hostile territory.

"You guys getting robbed?", asked one of them.
"No.", responded Becky with a strange look on her face.
"Well someone called us... reported a situation..."

They both started to walk off to check the rest of the office for criminals, when we realized that it must have been me. Later on that morning while talking to the alarm company, I found out that I had assigned the "hostage code" to the new user. When I tested it out to make sure it worked, I set off the silent alarm and reported a hostage situation! But boy, they got there faster than I've ever seen!

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