Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh Where Oh Where Is Kaetlyn?

On Wednesday I was having contractions, nothing major but uncomfortable, and I hadn't felt Kaetlyn move. So we went to the doctor and did a non stress test and she did move and her heart rate did not go up and down like it should. So we had to do a biophysical profile and the same thing. She looks healthy though and they think her heart rate isn't going up and down because she is preparing for delivery! I am now 3cm dilated and she is very low, the doctor doesn't think I will make it to when we would induce! Hopefully he is correct and she comes soon! I hate not knowing when she is coming. I go back to the doctor on Monday so hopefully I will be further dilated and he will have some more good news for me!

Yesterday the girls and I went to Babies R Us and got some last minute things we needed for her. We also went to dinner with Grandmere and she took us shopping and we got a lot of cute clothes for Kaetlyn at Old Navy, they were having a great clearance sale, and we got sleepers and bibs at Carters, they had 50% off the entire store. So I think Kaetlyn is set for now. We will need more newborn diapers but I think everything else is ready!

Any bets on when she comes?


Kristen said...

If you keep sending sleeping dust my way, then I'll blow some labor dust over to

Unknown said...

LOL...I was going to post that on yours too! It's a deal!