Sunday, December 03, 2006

Madison stands on her own!

A few nights ago we were getting the girls ready for bed. We had just put on their PJs and were aboutt to pick them up to take them upstairs, when Madison (who was sitting on the floor) bent down onto all fours and then pushed up to standing without holding on to anything at all for the first time. Needless to say, Casey and I were very excited. She then proceeded to do it over and over, probably 50 times, each time getting a little better at it. Now she does it all the time, and each time she pushes up she yells "Yay!" and claps her hands. She doesn't get praised at all, does she? :-)

This is probably the biggest thing she's been doing recently with her new found confidence. She's become much more of an explorer recently and much more social. It really seems like it happened overnight. I'm very proud of her.


Kristen said...

Congratulations guys! I'm so proud for her!

Bonnie said...

She's such a doll - she'll be walking in no time!