Saturday, December 30, 2006

Days and Nights Flip-flopped?

Might Miss Kaetlyn have her nights and days flip-flopped? It's possible. She generally eats every 3 hours with an occasional extra feeding slipped in now and then. However, last night she didn't want to sleep during the early hours of the morning. From midnight until about 5 am she slept in 15 minute spurts and ate every 1 or 1 1/2 hours. As a desperate attempt to get her to sleep, I put her on my chest and let her lay there... and we got 2 1/2 hours of sweet, sweet sleep.

The weird part is that she didn't have any trouble like this in the hospital, so it's probably something to do with our sleeping arrangement that has her upset. We're going to try a wedge (not like this... more like this), adding the freshly laundered pack-n-play sheet that Bonnie and Chris bought us, and if we have to I'll do a little sleep dance and pray for world peace (and sleep).


Kristen said...

Not sure if you guys have tried that wedge before, but I bought that exact one for Colin, and he rolled off of it every single time. I ended up returning it and we've found that placing books under the mattress works the best...and, we can control how much of an angle he's on.

Chris said...

You know, I think we had a similar wedge at some point in the past. However, there's one that we did use with Emma (and I think Madison too) that sits above the sheets that has these little adjustable sides on it that hold the baby in place to prevent the sliding/rolling problem. We found it again at Babies-r-us today and are going to give it a try tonight!

Lisa said...

Uh oh. Praying for a day/night flip flop for you. I wonder how much has to do with the new environment and how much it has to do with being a few days old and her getting past the sleepy sleepy stage.

Whatever it is, here's to a quick remedy!