Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best spam ever...

This junk mail just in:

We want to present you a pharmacy bulletin dedicated to Christmas holidays. Try to find lower prices!

PRnozac $3.31
Clnalis $4.72
LEnvitra $1.97
ULntram $3.33
MEnridia $3.47
AMnbien $3.54
VAnlium $3.41
CEnlebrex $2.93
XAxnax $2.47

+ 50 more products!

+ volume discounts!

Wow. That just puts me in the Christmas spirit.


Unknown said...

Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than cheap pharmacy prices! What a great world we live in

Aaron said...

I'll take two of each please...rush shipment!

Kristen said...

Funny thing is, not one of the meds are spelled correctly! So you wouldn't even be getting the good stuff!