Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Only 15 days until Walt Disney World

Holy moly there are only 15 days until we leave for Walt Disney World. We are more than likely leaving the evening of the 16th. I am not prepared at all yet. If you don't know I am extremely anal when it comes to going on vacation. I have lists that need to be checked off and I have to pack in advance. I am a lot like Monica on Friends(the episode where they are going to London for Ross's Wedding).

Anyways, I am starting to freak out because I am feeling unprepared already. I did buy a pack of diapers to take for Madison yesterday but I think we may need another pack and I still need to get some for Emma. I have to figure out how many sippy cups I will need for Madison, I am hoping Emma can drink from cups so I don't have to deal with lots of sippy cups. I still need to email the food service person at walt disney world to discuss Madison's allergies. I have to get safe food for Madison for the trip. To top it off I haven't even started my lists, usually my list is made a month in advance. I know this is stupid and I am anal but this is me and I am freaking out. I like to be prepared and I am feeling anything but prepared and there are only 15 days left..AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Bonnie said...

You know, if worse comes to worst, they probably do sell diapers somewhere in Florida. Maybe even somewhere at Disneyworld. ;-)

Lisa said...

On your first day there, you buy Emma a straw cup for $12 in a shop and she'll be set for the trip. :-)