Monday, November 13, 2006

Countdown to Disney!

So we are on the homestretch for Disney World!!! I am so excited but at the same time nervous. Madison has sensory integration dysfunction,, and of course her albinism so I am really nervous on how she will do. I just hope she is able to enjoy some of the trip! Luckily we are staying on the monorail so I will be able to take her back to the room whenever she needs to go back in a flash.

I feel so awful because this sensory thing is such a hard thing to deal with, at least right now since we are still learning. She hates the sound of the toilet flushing. She will be all happy but once it flushes she falls to the ground, kicks, screams, and literally looks like she is having a seizsure, it is so sad. I just wish I could take all of her challenges away from her but I know that God gave them to her for a reason.

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