Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kolb Girls Update!!!

Wow how time flies! I can't believe that Emma is 2 1/2 and Madison is almost 17 months old. I thought I would give just a small update on what the girls are up to!

Emma is growing up by the minute! I swear her smile could light up the entire world. This past weekend she got to ride her first pony and she loved it! She was not afraid of it at all and wants to ride another one already! She loves to sing, we only listen to Christian music and she will sing to almost any of the songs that come on, her favorite is God of Wonders. When a song comes on that she really likes she will say "mommy, I like this song". Emma also loves to pray and has even memorized the prayer we say everyday at lunch time. She is all about making God smile!

She is also super exctied about baby Kaetlyn. Everyday she asks when she will be coming. She has even named her baby that she carries everywhere Kaetlyn. She is a good mommy to her baby. She make sure she always has the babies blanket and bottle. Sometimes she even leaves her for me to babysit! It is the cutest thing she will say "here is baby" "here is her bag, bottle, and blankie". Emma loves to write and today even got complimented by Madison's therapist for drawing such straight lines. The therapist said that drawing lines like she did is skills they aim for in a child that is over 3 years old!

Potty training isn't happening yet but I am no longer stressing about it. We are so close to Kaetlyn being here that I am afraid if she does learn before Kaetlyn gets here she will just regress once she is here. I will start to push it a little more after she turns 3. I figure she wont go to school in diapers, but it will mean for a little while we will have 3 in diapers.

Madison is doing great things too! Just this week she learned to climb the stairs. She zooms up them now and will not be held going up the stairs. Today she tried going down the stairs and after her therapist showed her how she zoomed down, she isn't as confident going down and she is going up but we are working on it. Her favorite words are "good girl", "no", and "yeah". She loves music and loves to dance to it! Her favorite song is also God of Wonders.

Madison is finally starting to get better around others. She now only cries for a short amount of time when we drop her off at the nursery at church. Once she sees the toys she is off and playing, they all think she is just the cutest thing! She is also doing really well with all of her therapists. There is really only one that she still gets an attitude with and that is because she makes her work hard and Madison doesn't like that, Madison likes things on her terms. She has become very very friendly! When we are out and she is in the stroller she will say hi to anyone who will listen to her!

Food is still a main priority for her and she has learned to sit up at the table and use a plate instead of her highchair tray. It is so cute to see her and Emma sitting by each other at the table. Even though she eats like a horse she still isn't gaining much weight. We have to take her in early next week to get another weight check, hopefully she has at least gained something. She did grow out of her 6-12 month clothes and is making her way into 12-18. They are big on her but the 6-12 are just too small.

Kaetlyn is also doing well! We go back to the doctor on Monday for our glucose test and after that appointment we will start going every 2 weeks, I can't believe it is already time for that! She is such a little mover and everynight she makes my whole belly move! So far this is the easiest and problem free pregnancy I have had. It is nice not to be on bedrest or being worried that the baby isn't growing the way it should be. Hopefully the labor will be just as easy as the pregnancy has been. We may not even induce this time. It depends on what the doctor feels her size is at the end but if everything continues to go as it is there will be no need to induce. We had to induce with Emma because of my blood pressure dropping so low and with Madison because she wasn't growing. I am afraid to go into labor on my own just because I haven't experienced it before. My biggest fear is that I will be in labor and not know it and then be too late for the epidural. If you know me at all you know my pain tolerance is very very low and I NEED that epidural!

Well, anyways that is a little update on all of us Kolb girls!

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Kristen said...

The girls are jsut so cute, and I can't wait to meet Kaetlyn!