Monday, September 18, 2006


Chris and I are taking a class through our church called Crown Financial. We had our first meeting last Thursday and I loved it! The course requires a lot of reading and homework but it is really worth it. I have learned so much that I never realized before, it has been a good wake up call. I now think more before I make a purchase and I think in the long run that will really help our family. Our group is wonderful and I feel that each and everyone of them has been brought into my life for a reason. I thank God for bringing this class to us.

We are also going to start what our church calls 2:42, small group bible study. This starts either this Friday or Saturday, we still have to get a call from our leader. I am looking forward to getting to know more people from our church and to participate in a bible study, I feel that I will gain a lot from it. I know that God will put us in a group that is right for us and I look forward to it.

I feel like I am experiencing pure joy in my life now and that it is going down a path that God wants for me. I have started reading the bible daily, praying several times a day, and several other things. I feel that I am better Christian and that I truly am free! I used to be afraid to participate in things but for the first time I am eager to get involved and excited! I have joined MOPS and am loving it, I just love all of the activites we are in currently. I am excited to raise the girls in a Christian home and I pray that they grow in Christ and are set free as I have been.

The class and my studying of the bible have opened my mind to things that may not be right for our family and things we may need to change. Some may not agree with how I/we feel but I feel that it is right for my family. For example not everyone will agree with my thought of the girls knowing early on that Santa isn't real. Santa isn't what Christmas is really about and I want them to realize that it is really about Christ. They will get stockings and still get to read Santa stories but if they ask me if Santa is real I am not going to lie to them. I don't want them to then question whether or not God is real. That is just one example.

Anyways, I feel that I have been set free and that my family and I are on the right track now. I just wanted to share my feelings with others. Life is Good. God, I praise you for being you and I thank you for all you have done for us!


Kristen said...

Praise God! I wish that I felt as free as you. I'm in a rut, and trying to get out, but I seem to be getting deeper instead of free-er.

Unknown said...

I am sorry that you are in a rut Kristen.. Is everything ok?