Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ok, I'm still not a Mac person

Casey got her new laptop today. We got it on eBay, but it's in great shape and it's probably only about a year old. She's very excited, and managed to get most of it set up herself. It's a mac. Yeah. I don't know anything about them... and I may have screwed it up. I was copying all of her pictures and music over to it (which was pretty darn easy, frankly) using the wireless when I decided it was too slow that way. I hooked it up with a patch cable and cancelled the copy over the wireless... except it didn't cancel. It kept going. So then I decided I'd just disable the "AirPort" (wireless) on it and see if it would stop. It stopped, but the window won't go away saying that it's trying to copy. The whole dang thing is just sitting there with this little rainbow-colored spinning cursor thing. It's been almost an hour. I may not be cut out for Macs.


Anonymous said...

It's because you're trying to use it like a PC :)

Aaron said...

10% rule!!!

Anonymous said...

Next time that happens to any program, go to the Apple menu (top left icon) select "Force Quit", select the offending program in the window that pops up and it will force quit that program.

Uncle Matt