Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Sweet Two Year Old Princess!

Emma amazes me every day! She is such a cute little singer now. She will go around the house singing "God of Wonders", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", "ABC's", and many others. She will clap and dance and just has so much fun! We will be taking her on August 5th to see The Wiggles and man is she excited. Everyday she asks me, "I go see Wiggles?" then I have to sadly tell her "no sweetie, two more weeks." She has a new favorite movie -- Mary Poppins. I usually let her watch one DVD a day and she has been wanting Mary Poppins every day. She does still ask for Buzz but our Toy Story dvds need some fixing, they have been played so much they are scratched. I just wanted to share what she has been up to. She is such an angel and I can't believe how well behaved and fun she is.

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