Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Wow what a past couple days it has been. On Sunday Chris and I were baptized! What a wonderful experience that was. It is so nice to walk with Christ along side Chris. We are currently in a church that is our home and we love it. We owe it all to Doug and Lisa who invited us to visit! We also really appreciate all of those who came to witness our public testimony!

In other news, Madison had allergy testing done on Monday and we have to make some big changes. She is allergic to wheat, soy, egg, and peanuts. Wheat is in almost everything so this is going to be a big change for us! It is good to finally have some answers though and hopefully we can get her cleared up and feeling better in no time, no wonder this poor girl has cried a lot in her short life. She has to wear a medical alert bracelet and we have to carry an epipen with us everywhere. She also has asthma so she is on breathing treatments once a day. Poor kid had everything dumped on her! She did so great during the testing, not once did she cry.

Emma is loving her dance class and loves to dance to music at home. She currently loves to sing songs throughout the day! It is really cute, she is growing up so fast :(

Well, I guess that is it, just a short update on us!

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Anonymous said...

Im glad to hear you were baptized, that is so great! Im glad madi will soon be feeling much better, oh, just let me know if you need me for friday. I would love to watch them, just gimme a call (940) 453-7987 I <3 you guys!