Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Wow, what a weekend we had! It was so much fun to get away and spend some fun time with the family. Kegan's team did really well and it was fun to watch him play. He really is an all-star! We stayed at a really pretty hotel where the view from our room was the bay, we got to see lots of boats go by. The weather was perfect, not too hot at all. It rained on Sunday morning but stopped in time for them to still get to play their games. Both of the girls did really well and seemed to have fun. Emma got to ride the carousel with grandma and a train with grandpa, those are her two favorite things to do. Madison learned to clap and say hi while we were there. We really had a good time and was sad to see it end but if we had stayed any longer we would have been flooded.

1 Lonely Comment:

Aaron said...

You have some great pictures of the family. Everyone is growing so fast!