Friday, May 05, 2006

Madison's Eye Check-Up

Yesterday Madison had her eye check up and we found out that her nystagmus(constant wandering of eyes back and forth) and strabismus(cross eye) is the same as last time. Nystagmus is not curable but can slow down some, so that is just a wait and see and it does what it does. The strabismus can be fixed some by surgery. So our little Madison will be having surgery in a couple of months. We go back in 2 months and will schedule it then. We are waiting 2 months so we can try to find her null point(the way she tilts or moves her head so she can see the best with her nystagmus).

The thought of her having surgery scares me but I do know that it will be in her best interest. I just hate that she has to go through it, it isn't a big surgery and is performed a lot on children with low vision. Hopefully it will help her.

1 Lonely Comment:

Kristen said...

We will definitely keep Maddy, you & Chris in our prayers.