Monday, March 20, 2006

Crazy Things I Once Thought/Did...

Every night before I go to sleep I say my prayers, well a couple of nights ago after I was done praying I couldn't sleep. I sat in bed and thought of all the crazy things I once thought or did when I was younger. I thought I would make a list to share my craziness with all of you! I hope you enjoy my silliness!

*I once prayed for my mom to bring me home a muppet baby happy meal toy

*When I would pray when I was younger I would ask that God protect me from ghosts, aliens,bad guys, tornadoes,and snakes

*My neighbor and I used to plan on running away..We would try to sneak out at night and meet in her van..We never did it, besides where would we go in a van parked in the garage?

*I decided to become a brownie(girl scout) so I could wear the uniform

*When my brother was a baby I decided that if he were to die I would keep him as one of my dolls, that way I wouldn't have to miss him so much

*My friends and I decided one time we were going to start a band, the only problem was none of us could sing or play instruments at the time

*I once ate 10 tacos at Taco Bell..I was in the 2nd grade and my sister and Chad took me to the circus and to taco bell for dinner

*When I was in elementary school I would pretend that I had a twin or was part of triplets

*I had to be wrapped in cling wrap from my shoulders down to help with my eczema

*When I was in elementary school at lunch all of the other kids had notes in their lunches from their parents..Since I made my own lunch I didn't so I would write them myself from my mom or dad

I know there are more but I figured this is enough to share right now, especially since now you really know that I was/am crazy!


Chris said...

Cute post. If I remember correctly, your mom really did bring home that muppet baby happy meal for you one day. :-)

Bonnie said...

I think those are great. :-)

Aaron said...

10 tacos!!! WOW. That's very impressive.

Kristen said...

Even pregnant, I don't think I could eat 10 tacos!