Monday, January 16, 2006


We finally have appointments with ECI. Madison's first appointment is Thursday at 3. At this appointment they will do an intake and then come back for her second appointment on Feb. 8th. On the 8th they will do an evaluation and bring an occupational therapist. They will decide what type of therapists Madison needs and then we will get started. They come to our home and help teach us what we can do to help Madison out. I am very excited and can't wait. I will post how Thursday goes.

Ohh and please keep my sister, Tabitha in your prayers. She is due with her third child (but first girl) in March. She has had some problems and is supposed to be on a modified bedrest. If you could just pray for everything to go better I would appreciate it. The baby's name is Karys. I know the power of prayer and I know she could really use some! Thanks everyone!

1 Lonely Comment:

Aaron said...

The Kolb's and Branum's will be in my prayers. I'm glad to hear things are moving forward for Maddison and I can't wait to meet the next baby in the clan!