Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blockbuster vs Netflix

Casey and I are attempting to make these next few months (and hopefully the whole year) our best from the financial perspective. We've cut back in a number of areas, while still leaving room for fun since no one sticks with a budget that has no fun money, and once you start to stray you pretty much end up throwing the whole thing out the window (as we've learned in the past). Part of the whole idea is staying home a little more so that we don't use as much gas or eat out just because we're not at home. So in the spirit of "spending money to save money"... (errr.... huh?), we decided to sign up for an online DVD rental service.

I knew of the two big ones, Netflix and Blockbuster. Apparently there aren't any others. Walmart used to do it but they shut down in June and now refer you to Netflix. So, when I noticed that both of the contenders had the same price, we signed up for Blockbuster because you get two free in-store rentals each month and they have a distribution center in McKinney -- so we should get everything to and from in one day. We look forward to getting our first ones...

Oh, and in case you're interested I used the coupon code pmentpub. Don't worry, it's no secret, I found it on a number of sites.


Aaron said...

I signed up for Netflix but I didn't research the options. There's a coppell distro for it so that works out for me. So far it's been very easy to use.

Chris said...

Yup, I read about the Coppell distro -- it actually made it hard to decide which one would be faster for us. I'm actually not certain, but we shall see...

Anonymous said...

This one is probably going to be much like the less filling, tastes great arguement . .. but I like netflix :)

I have not tried blockbusters, but had a friend that had a few delays with them.

I live about 30 miles or so from the netflix warehouse and have gotten all of my discs next day.

We also did this to save money and it has helped out. it is spending money to save money, but it actually has saved us some money.

One possible negative thing was that we got hooked on 24 and have stayed up very very late watching it because we just can't stop.