Friday, December 09, 2005


When you pay someone $255 to come out and fix something simple, it better darn well be fixed. Wrong. It's not fixed. Our smoke detectors are now completely turned off for the second time this week.

It all started three nights ago. I was staying the night at a hotel in Dallas because I had to be down there for our first annual user conference at work (which, by the way, was a big success). Right as I turned my phone on the next morning I got a call from Casey -- sounding very very tired. She had been up since 2:30 because one of the smoke detectors had been chirping... but the plot thickens, because they all started going off sporadically starting at about 5 am. I'd never heard of such a thing, so I called the fire department (non-emergency, of course). They reassured me that it was probably just a battery problem, and that if there wasn't a fire or smoke everything is ok. It was a long day, and after we got home safely via the ice-covered roads, we entered the garage to the noise of every smoke detector in the house going off. They had probably been going off all day, and they certainly didn't stop going off on their own. I checked every one of them... I couldn't figure out at all what was going on, so I finally had to flip the breaker and pull out all the batteries. I know, it sounds stupid... what if there had been a fire? But what choice did we have? Take the whole family and go stay in a hotel until someone can fix it? Probably safer but not very reasonable. Anyway... we finally got an electrician to come out today to fix it. $255 later he tells us that there was a loose connection to one of the smoke detectors upstairs and that he replaced a battery in one of the other smoke detectors. So, it's all fixed right? All of them are working, no more problems the rest of the afternoon. So, we all go out to dinner with Doug and Lisa, then over to their house for a while.

About 30 minutes ago I pulled into the garage just behind Casey to see her glaring at nothing in particular. I knew exactly what it was as soon as I saw her. The breaker's off again. The batteries are out. Someone is going to get an earful on Monday, they're gonna give us a refund, and we're gonna have someone else come out to actually fix it.

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Aaron said...

Now that's a long day! I had a problem with mine going off too. I just took that thing of the ceiling early one morning. (opps). I think you're solution is a safer one.