Thursday, December 15, 2005

Smoke Detector Drama, Part II

If you need a good, honest electrician don't ask me for a reference. I don't know of one.

They didn't come on Monday... or any day this week. They're not coming back at all. Who thinks that it's a good idea to replace all 7 smoke detectors when only one may be defective? A company that gets paid $99 per smoke detector, that's who! So, I told them to take a hike (in a nice way) and tracked down the customer service number for the manufacturer (BRK/First Alert). Not only do these $13 smoke detectors have a 10 year warranty with free replacement, but the customer service person patiently read off a detailed list of steps to take to clean them and determine which one is defective! The problem isn't fixed yet since we're still working through finding the defective one, but I'm a very satisfied smoke detector customer, even though I was separated from the buying process by a few degrees (they came with the house, ya know).

1 Lonely Comment:

Aaron said...

Are you going to file a complaint with the BBB? I if I ever live out there I'll know not to use them.