Saturday, December 17, 2005

An Attempt at Healthier Eating

I've never paid much attention to what I eat. I typically don't eat too much junk, but for some reason lately I've been on some kind of label-checking mission. We were at the grocery store early this week and I noticed how much sugar and how little protein is in even the "healthy" cereals. In trying to find something better, I wound up getting Grape Nuts, something I haven't eaten in quite a while. Soon we were in the diary section and I saw the yogurt and thought, "hey, that's interesting... yogurt with Grape Nuts mixed in... I'll try that". Trying to make the healthy choice, I chose the generic plain low-fat yogurt (yes, there's nonfat, but I'm not out to make my life totally bland). I noticed that it had 16g of sugar per cup and was kinda stunned. This is a food that is widely considered healthy (I thought) and it has this much sugar? It tastes so bitter! I suffered through 4 days of that. It wasn't too bad, and I noticed that it usually kept me feeling full until lunch time, which is something I struggle with at work. :-)

Yesterday we went to the store and I saw the Dannon "light 'n fit" nonfat fruit yogurt. I was sure I was going to be disappointed, but it actually has a lot less sugar than the plain yogurt. I did my usual mix this morning for breakfast, using the Dannon yogurt instead, and it was almost too sweet. I don't get it... it tastes so good, but according to the label it's better than the bland, bitter crud I ate all week? Sometimes food is a mystery to me.


Aaron said...

How are you going to pass on Christmas food this year?!

Chris said...

That's where the "exception" clause comes in... during the weeks with national holidays (for all countries) I can eat anything I want. I figure that covers me for just about the whole year. That's my kind of exception clause.