Thursday, November 03, 2005

Opthamologist Update

Well, we had trouble finding a good reference for a pediatric opthamologist that's an expert on albinism, so I got the idea to call the opthamologist that we saw originally (Dr. Davis) to ask for a reference. I ended up with him on the phone and we talked for a while about Madison and the situation. He didn't have any recommendations on anyone more knowledgeable, and after I got done Casey and I concluded that we got a little distracted by his use of some older terms and lost sight of the fact that he did seem rather good. He assured me that although the diagnosis was "probable" incomplete albinism he was as sure as he could be that it was the case. It wasn't due to a lack of experience with albinism that caused the "probable" part, it's just that it's too early to be able to tell for certain by just looking at her eyes. As far as the "incomplete" (ocular) albinism diagnosis, he noticed that she had a little pigment in her skin, hair and the transillumination in her iris wasn't as dramatic as he's seen in complete albinism. It makes sense to me on a level -- basically he has to take a guess at this point as to whether she just has ocular albinism or if it's complete albinism. My guess is the opposite of his, but I respect his professional opinion.

We've decided that we're satisfied with Dr. Davis' diagnosis and his abilities and we'll wait for the follow-up we have with him in January.

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