Monday, November 28, 2005

Madison's 6 Month Check-up

Well, our Maddy had her 6 month check up today and she did great! She now weighs 13 pounds 4 ounces (25%) and is 24.5 inches long(50%). She is still developmentally behind but socially she is ahead of where she should be. Since she can't see very well she uses her other senses to make up for it. For example most 6 month olds get afraid when they see a stranger but Madison only reacts when they talk. She coos more than a "normal" 6 month old does because that is how she interacts and plays with us!

She is still having problems taking rice cereal so when she goes for her barium swallow( this Wednesday) we will also talk to a speech therapist. The speech therapist will be able to tell if there is something preventing her from learning how to swallow rice cereal. She isn't too far behind in the eating area but we need to start doing something about it now.

She also has a sinus infection so is on her first antibiotic, hopefully it clears up soon. She also has to continue her breathing treatments for a couple more months at least. She got 4 shots and handled them very well. Overall she is doing well and our happy little girl! She goes for her barium swallow on Wednesday and then on Thursday she goes for genetic testing, a busy week for our Ms. Maddy.

Emma, oh my other sweet princess. I feel bad because so much on this site has been focused on Madison but Emma is still a huge part of our lives. She is such an amazing toddler and she amazes me everyday! Everyday her language grows and she behaves more and more like a little girl. It is hard to believe that she isn't a baby anymore and that in 3 months she will be 2. Her favorite activity right now is coloring, she does it almost all day long! She also is in love with Buzz Lightyear, every day she asks to watch buzz, she will say buzz buzz please. She has such an amazing personality and I can't believe that I have these two girls. I know all I talk about is them and that I always say how amazed I am. But I am, I still feel like I am living a dream. The girls and Chris are everything to me and I am so in love with them.

I am the luckiest person in the world.

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Aaron said...

Sounds like Maddy is growing up fast too! Is this Emma's first crush?