Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hey, I'm not working today

We've got our first annual "user conference" coming up at work, and we wanted to do something big to make waves. Unfortunately we're swamped at work as usual, but the idea was presented to many of us to work a few weekends in exchange for a nice bonus. I worked last weekend and was going to work this weekend, but Madison had a fussy morning (she seems better now) and Casey still has her migraine, so I decided today is a good day for some family time. Besides, I think 13 days of work in a row is plenty. There's tomorrow and next weekend though... hey, and after that we have a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving! Yeah!


Aaron said...

You're a good man...I don't care what anyone else says about you! :-P

Anonymous said...

Yeah Hi, just calling to remind you that we started at the usual time's not a half day or anything.