Wednesday, November 02, 2005

An Emotional Day but A Great Evening!!

Well, today was a very emotional day and I will let Chris explain what the neurologist said about Madison. We don't know anything more than we did yesterday but now there are more possibilities and he knew very little, if anything about albinism, which is ok because that isn't his area. I will let Chris go into details about everything.

The day had a wonderful ending though. After Madison's breathing treatment I held her for a while and kept making noises and kissing her on her cheeks. Well, she kissed me back a few times and even made noises. The best part of all is we were really close and I swear she looked me in the eyes and smiled. I of course got all excited because my precious baby girl has never done this before. I scared poor Madison because I was so thrilled about my princess looking at me!

Ohh Miss Emma has done a lot of new things recently! She is starting to talk in sentences, like today Madison was crying so she told me "go get her". She can actually answer yes or no now, say some of her ABC's with a lot of help, take her own shirt off, participate in Jungle Gym pretty much by herself, sing with matching rhythm, and so much more. She is really becoming a little girl.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful girls!

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