Saturday, November 12, 2005

ECI for Madison

Well, I called and left a message for a person at Infant and Toddler Intervention Program (ITIP). I found them through the State of Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. We didn't know that this place existed -- even when we talked about "ECI" I always thought it'd be something through a local school district, not a part of a state department that does referrals... That shows you what I know.

We just want Madison to have the best help and as early as possible. If that means starting physical therapy now, then I'm all for it. Hopefully I'll get a call from them on Monday and we can move forward.

Madison has been wonderful today... a little fussy this morning, but she made up for it with how talkative, playful and happy she was the rest of the morning. She's tons of fun to be around, and I can tell she has a wonderful personality in that little body. She was playing on her blanket when I walked up to her a little while ago and she turned her head towards me to look, even though I hadn't made any sound to let her know I was there yet! It probably sounds silly to be excited about that, especially for a nearly 6 month old. But really it's a sign that she's really using her eyes and she's starting to notice things around her, even if she can't focus.

Speaking of looking and focusing, black and white is supposed to be easiest for babies to focus on, so Casey and I set out to find these this week:

We weren't able to find them anywhere locally, so we ordered them from Amazon... But in the process, we came across these and bought them too:


...And I was thinking that these looked good as well, but I think she'll have enough for right now! :-)


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