Sunday, October 30, 2005

U2! U2! U2!

Well last night was the U2 concert. We didn't go to Houston though, as shows at the moment... But anyway, it was great. Casey and I went with Doug, Lisa, David, Leah, Aaron and Jodi. David and Leah are Doug's brother and sister-in-law, and Jodi is a girl Aaron has recently started dating. Jodi seemed like a very nice girl, I hope things go well for them.

We rode downtown with Aaron and Jodi and parked in the West End, and met up with the others at Sonny Bryan's to have dinner. We had decided to skip the opening act since none of us were Damian Marley fans. The food was good, but our waitress was nuts! :-) She didn't remember much of anything and there was some general craziness. From there we took the DART light rail to American Airlines Center. It wasn't a bad way to go, but we decided that the people who got the best deal rode all the way from Garland, since they paid the same price!

U2 played a set and came back for 2 encores, which is pretty standard. They played quite a bit of their old stuff which I enjoyed. There was one old song, "The Ocean", that I didn't even know. I feel somewhat less of a U2 fan because I didn't know every song they played. Ah well, I'm a fan, not a zealot. :-)

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