Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Poor Maddy :(

Well, Maddy had a check up yesterday because she has decreased the amount she is eating. Her doctor thinks that is because we are adding rice cereal and the extra calories are filling her up. He also wants to get a MRI of her brain to make sure everything ok. He is no longer ok with her crying as much as she does and he thinks their maybe something more to her eyes roaming back and forth all the time. He is a wonderful doctor and I am so thankful we found him, he actually spends time with us and doesn't rush us. He actually held Maddy for the longest time just watching her eyes and listening to her cry. He then took her to another doctor and explained her situation and asked his opinion, they both agreed on getting an MRI. I am not sure when the date will be but I will keep you updated. He also said that we are great to work with and we are very reasonable and I replied and said yes we are the annoying parents that are always calling and here. He then said no, your daughter is not doing normal things and everything you come in for and call about is something that needs to be addressed. Wow, a doctor that cares and doesn't think we are crazy!

Emma is doing well, she has started giving me kisses all the time. This morning we were playing and she gave me 14 kisses for the fun of it. She is such a cutie!

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Anonymous said...

Friday morning 7am I will be there in spirit and in prayer. This is a good thing to do right now so that more information can be gathered and more progress can be made. A snapshot of now to compare to the treatment prescribed as a result. It sure is good that you have the doctor you have. I'm glad that he spends a lot of time with you. Looking forward to being with you all over the next couple of weekends. Hugs for everyone!