Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Geez... this is very geeky, but I almost spit water all over my monitor it made me laugh so hard.


Aaron said...

WOW! That person has too much time on his hands. An interesting idea...if I ate toast every morning.

Anonymous said...

I would first try setting the Disney Toaster up on the upper-level countertop (south-side preferably) with slightly-curved bread (experiment with the heels first) inserted to hyper-eject in such a manner as to send the toast freely up towards the living-room's ceiling fan and on up into the loft area to the changing table area at precisely the right moment AFTER you're finished changing diapers first thing in the morning...Shoot, even if it took a few crummy mornings to get it down (it might take Mickey and Minnie to coordinate a hyper-eject system to function with enough gusto) I don't think it's too Goofy an idea not to give it a try!
Papa Joe